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Cécilia Barouillet

Postdoctoral Researcher
(EnviroSPACE, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland)


I have a PhD in Biology, I am a trained limnologist & paleolimnologist. I combine monitoring data, the paleolimnological approach and molecular biology technics to reconstruct the long-term ecological trajectory and historical functioning of lake ecosystem. More specifically, I study how environmental change and anthropogenic stressors influence lake ecosystems at the local and global scale. I am specialized in the analysis of molecular dataset, modeling of long-term time series and multivariate datasets. I am particularly interested in finding ways to integrate the long-term perspectives offered by the paleolimnological approach into conservation efforts and management practices.


Current Positions


Academic Qualification

  • PhD in Biology, 2019
    Queen's University

  • MSc in Biology (directly enrolled into a PhD)
    Queen's University

  • Licence BOPE (Biologie des Organismes, des Populations et des Ecosystèmes)
    Université de Toulouse III


Research Highlight

Barouillet et al. 2022

Investigating the effects of anthropogenic stressors on lake biota using sedimentary DNA

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Barouillet et al. 2022

Paleoreconstructions of ciliate communities reveal long-term ecological changes in temperate lakes

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Barouillet et al. 2019

Influence of glacial flour on the primary and secondary production of Sockeye Salmon nursery lakes: a comparative modern and paleolimnological study.

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Laird et al. 2021

Influence of glacial turbidity and climate on diatom communities in two Fjord Lakes (British Columbia, Canada).

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